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Educational tours are an excellent way to help your children experience new and unseen places and learn some important life skills on the way. Educational travel helps students to gain practical understanding about the concepts taught in the class. Organizing educational tour or study tours for students requires pain-staking attention to detail and lots of prior planning.

Better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”

Most of the school tour operators provide generic packages that neither educate the students nor help them to acquire important life skills through hands-on learning. 

But There is Good News!!!! 

Probably your search for quality student tour operators  may ends right here. Our programs are created with a purpose of changing the way school trips in India are organized. Deep oriented programs carefully designed holiday tours for schools that help students to learn through experience and fun. All our school trips are planned by professionals, who understand the needs of students. Our experienced and qualified team takes care of all the important aspects such as safety of the students, transportation, lodging , boarding etc. offer ing group school trips, student tours India and abroad as well as customized tour packages for students.

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STEM Tours

Why send your students on a boring educational trip or a general tour, when you have the option to send them to our enriching STEM tour. STEM tours are one of a kind educational trips for students. Our tours offer students an opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about STEM subjects( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
Our STEM tours are educational trips with a difference. All work and no fun makes kids dull and bored. Our tours are exciting, interesting and fun to say the least. We provide an opportunity for the participants to explore different faucets of the industries of their choice and understand the intricacies of their functioning throughout their school trips to India as well as our school trips abroad. This learning helps them to choose a field for their college studies. Send your students for our STEM tours and be amazed by the learning outcomes.

International Expedition

Do you want your students to be global citizens? International tours for students help them to explore different countries, their history, culture and traditions. But most schools feel that organizing an international study tour is difficult due to the prior planning and arrangements required. Do not worry, we are just a call away. We organize well-curated international expeditions and tour for school and college students. All our international tour packages are designed to help them explore the unexplored and understand the uniqueness of each place they visit. We are not the average run-of-the- mill tour operator, but a dedicated experiential learning company with a mission to help our kids become responsible global citizens. Hurry and enroll your students for an adventurous and enriching international expedition.

Voyager’s tribe (Care for a cause) Program

Take a break from the rigorous and boring routine of school. Help your students to rejuvenate and come back to school with a fresh mind. Make them aware of the environment and ways to protect it. Modern city life takes kids away from nature. The absence of open grounds, parks and other green places in cities makes them insensitive to the beauty of nature. Sending them on a school trip to explore the beautiful Himalayas in the north , or visiting the calm backwaters in Kerala will help your students to connect with the nature and become sensitive and empathetic towards environmental issues. While on a school trip your students will be able to meet many people, who are from different social and economic backgrounds. Interacting with these people helps them to understand about the hardships of life, which in turn makes them to appreciate what they have. Moreover, our Voyager's Tribe programs help children to associate with a cause and volunteer for it. Help your students to become well rounded individuals by enrolling them to our voyager's tribe programs.

Industrial Visits

"Don't believe what they say, go see." Industrial visits help students to understand the practical nuances of working in a company. They provide students an unique opportunity to interact with the workers and employees of an organization and gain deep insights about different jobs. We have partnered with prestigious companies across different industries in India and abroad to provide industrial tours for school and college students. Enroll your kids or students for our day trips or week-long tour programs to the industry of their choice and get ready to be impressed when they come back from the trip and share the experience and leanings.


We are reputed school trip organisers with experience in organizing highly focused group tours in India and abroad. Our trips are known to be educative and fun. Click on the specific programs below to get information about the program and make bookings.

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      We can customize our tour packages to suit the requirements of students from different age groups. contact our tour managers to create a customized excursion program, industrial visit or an international expedition for your students.

      There are many travel companies that organize tours and excursions for school students. so it is a difficult task to choose the right company. Consider the reputation and expertise of the company is conducting educational trips, go through the various programs offered by the company and consider the costs. Choose a company that offers customized student tours at competitive prices. Also consider the safety measures in place when going for adventure activities.

      Our STEM programs are designed to help students understand about the STEM subjects in a better manner by exposing them to various industries, where the STEM concepts are applied. We also conduct different activities that help to develop leadership and other interpersonal skills in the students through role plays and competitions. Our experienced coaches also impart knowledge about stress management, stability and other mental and psychological concepts through interactive games, team sports and group discussions.

      Yes. You can enroll your students in our Regional Expedition – Architecture All India tour to understand and appreciate the rich cultural heritage of India. This trip covers all the important historical places such as Rajasthan and Mumbai in west India, Amritsar, Agra and Delhi in North India, Hyderabad in South India etc.

      Educational tour helps students to inculcate life skills. Going out without their parents, on a school trip forces kids to come out of their comfort zone and become independent. Travelling with their peers and teachers helps them to develop interpersonal skills and forge deep bonds with their friends. Research proves that taking students on an educational trip helps to spark their imagination and develop interest in the topics taught in school and also Improve the bonding between students and their teacher.

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      • Do you share the details of where the kids would be accommodated and the detailed itinerary of the trip in advance?
      • If there is any emergency during the trip, how to contact your company?
      • How many chaperones escort the group during domestic and international tours?
      • Are our teachers allowed to accompany the students?
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